Genetic Analysis and Treatment

Everyone has a different genetic make up. No one person is the same as another (unless they are identical twins). This means that each person is meant to eat, live, and move differently than the next person. You can’t know exactly how to live based on your genetics until you put your genes through a high technology software called OPUS. OPUS takes your raw genetic data, analyzing it and outputting all of the factors that can activate and deactivate a gene’s function. Some genes mutations give us good characteristics like being super fast or detoxing through our livers optimally, while others predispose us to diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, depression, dementia and cancer! The good news? Your genes can be treated and controlled! At Zara Naturopathic, I use OPUS and give you protocols that include various nutrients, supplements, herbals and more based on your specific genetic make up! Very few doctors in the world are certified to use this software and I am grateful to be able to treat and cure many patients using it.

Did you know you have more bacteria in your body than cells?! In fact, you have over 10 times more bacteria in your body than human cells! What does this mean? It means that a huge portion of our health depends on how healthy our bacteria are. Even over 90% of our serotonin (a feel good brain chemical) is produced in our guts and based on our gut health! All research also points at over 80% of our immune system being in our gut. So what do I do to help? I use an outsider company that takes a sample of your stool and creates data that tells me all of the bacteria the lies in your gut. I then put this into a high technology software that analyzes it and tells me how to treat your gut so we can get rid of the bad bacteria and increase the good bacteria. You will not only notice feeling physically better but also mentally better. You will get food, supplement, herbal and lifestyle protocols all based on your gut bacteria!

No one diet is best for everyone. Why do some people thrive with a more high meat diet while others do better being vegetarian? Why are some types of dairies good for some people while not for others? The answer is that it is all in your genetics! At Zara Naturopathic, I put my patients on “the blood type diet.” I take their entire genetic data and put it into a software that gives me a huge organized list of foods that are “beneficial,” “neutral,” and “best avoided” for the patient based on all of their genes! Our genes make up who we are. They determine not only how we look, but how we feel and what diseases you have and will get. If you eat for your genes, not only will you feel much better, you will prevent all types of future diseases ranging from allergies to dementia to cancer!

Weight loss is different for everyone. Why do some people thrive on a high fat diet while others thrive on a gluten free diet? Why do some people do better with high intensity exercises and weight lifting while others do best with yoga? The answer is that it all has to do with your genetics. Your genetics make up who you are. What you look like, what exercises make you feel the best, what foods are best for you and even what reactions you get to pharmaceuticals! At Zara Naturopathic, I target your genetics and give you a full protocol that is most optimal for YOUR SPECIFIC BODY AND GENES. I also do a full microbiome analysis and treat any dysbiosis you have that is causing issues with both your physical and mental health. Lastly, I will run your labs every 3-6 months to see how your general health is. We look at your lipids, hormones, vitamin deficiencies and more to make sure your weight gain is not related to other factors besides food and exercise. I have multiple weight loss packages based on what you can afford and in every package, you are guaranteed to get personalized meals plans, discounted supplement protocols, weekly consults with me and other weight loss measured to help you lose weight optimally.

EAT BASED ON YOUR GENETICS! Not all fruits are great for everyone. Some fruits like bananas will be great for one person while bad for the next. But why?!

The answer is our genetics!

Our genetics and more specifically, our blood type, play a huge role in determining what proteins (called lectins) we produce. If the proteins of our bodies do not match the proteins of the foods we consume, we get low grade inflammation which leads to a whole hoax of diseases.

HOWEVER, if you eat foods that do go well with your own lectins, you decrease the activity of bad gene mutations, prevents all the diseases you are specifically predisposed to and increase the activity of the good gene mutations that will increase your healing from disease and lifespan!

The best way to know what foods are specifically best for your body is to let me put your raw genetic data through a high technology software called OPUS! I’ll be able to not only look at all of your genes, but also print out a list of hundreds upon hundreds of meats, dairies, fruits, vegetables, grains, condiments and more that are either great or bad for you based on your specific genetic make up!