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Genetically targeted and Holistic Health Care Starts Here! Get personalized doctor-led support and care for nutrition, weight loss and well-being.

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Cutting Edge Medicine

At Zara Naturopathic, Dr. Sarah Zara uses a cutting edge form of software technology to treat you based on your genetics and microbiome. She will take the time to talk to you about your lifestyle, history, environment and symptoms to provide a complete view and path forward.  You will be given lifestyle and nutrition modifications, stress management, supplements, education and more based on your unique body and needs.

Our Services

Weight Loss

Weight loss program including weekly one-on-one consults with the doctor, custom made meals plans, supplements protocols and more!

Individualized Nutrition

Nutrition, supplements and lifestyle protocols based on what your specific body needs.

Gut Health Workup

A full microbiome workup using a cutting edge software called UTOPIA.

Full Genetic Workup

A full genetic workup using a cutting edge software
called OPUS.

Dr. Sarah Zara, ND

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Send Dr. Sarah Zara a message about any questions you may have! She will try to answer all of them within a 24 hour timespan.